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Online Hybrid Medical Coding

and Billing Training Program

Educating, Creating, Developing

and Molding Healthcare

Administration Professionals

Why Us? Our Program...

We at Dream Academy believe that the success of a Medical Coding/Billing Professional begins with a solid foundation and comprehensive understanding of the elements of a Medical Billing/Coding Professional. That is why our students are trained to understand the entire process of a Patients' Medical Encounter based fully on documentation. This foundation includes understanding how the "industry" of Medical Billers and Coders have an impact

on Patient Care.

Our focus as Professional Experienced Educators include:

  • Billing Processing and Guidelines
  • Claims Adjudication Process
  • Accuracy--for proper Reimbursement
  • Abstracting--from Provider Documentation
  • Assign--based on Guidelines and Regulations
  • Arrange--Sequencing Based on Guidelines
  • Coding from Documentation
  • Practice Management Software/EHR and EMR Systems

Course Description & Cost

This medical Coding and Billing Curriculum is developed to offer comprehensive training and education which prepares students for becoming Allied Healthcare Professionals in the Health Care Industry. Our program blends online learning with hands-on learning on campus. Students will be immersed in the methodologies involved in Health Insurance Billing processes along with understanding the Official Reporting Guidelines for assessing documentation to support accurate medical doing: gaining valuable skills and confidence that a Healthcare Administrative Professional needs! 

Cost: $2,350.00

The Next Step...

Gainful employment after completion of the course is the "real" goal of our program. To that end, Dream Academy works with students to enable them to secure credentials appropriate for the field. Our partnership ensures with employers and others ours students have the opportunities to earn

a comfortable lifestyle.  


Credentials: Preparation to secure national certifications as a Coding/Billing Specialist CBCS (100% pass rate). Support to pass the CPC exam offered through the AAPC. Workshops, Webinars, Simulations, Practice Sessions, Face-to-Face training with instructors to guide students understanding and prepare them for Coding/Billing exams. Seventy percent of our students pass the CPC exam on the first attempt and 95% after the 2nd attempt.

Special Needs Assistance: We partner with the Richmond Chapter of the AAPC to work with students in communications and other language barriers without drawing attention.


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